Technology Solutions


What We Do

 We help to improve productivity in manufacturing, warehouse / distribution centers, laboratories, and quality systems.  At the core, we deploy real-time alerts when performance deviates, and a real-time management dashboard.


Improve Productivity Through a Results Management Platform

  • Track your results vs goals/history.
  • If Joe is on track to miss his target, he should know it as soon as possible. 
  • His manager should know too.
  • Implement custom KPIs that make sense to your business.
  • Use triggers and rules to implement an automated system that drives accountability.


How We Do It

Signal when a process is not performing to defined criteria

  • Target or demonstrated historical levels 

Deploy automated alert and escalation system

  • Text and/or email

Deploy automated management dashboards and scorecards

  • Tailored for each role

We leverage artificial and business intelligence to: 

  • Connect and integrate data from all data sources: PLCs, ERPs, QMS, LIMS, proprietary databases, spreadsheets, etc
  • Jointly define the metrics that mean something to your business
  • Deploy an automated alert and escalation system using email and text messages to accelerate response to performance-impacting events
  • Create management dashboards, tailored for each role


Key Features

Rules & Triggers

We work with you to define real-time Rules & Triggers for your business that will help automate portions of your critical business management activities.


The system will proactively keep you informed:

  • When things go wrong 
  • When things go right 
  • When action needs to be taken 
  • When staff need reminders  

Morning Scorecard™ 

Receive your most up-to-date KPIs in your inbox every morning.

We configure Morning Scorecards for different roles:

  • Senior Executives get a top level view of their organizations 
  • Middle Managers get a scorecard for their area of responsibility 
  • Line Managers get a scorecard with their KPIs Accounting can track and communicate financial performance by function/manager 


Anything is possible if the data exists.


Case Studies

Manufacturing Case Study: 300% productivity improvement in a capacity-constrained environment

Distribution Warehouse Case Study: 250% productivity improvement, reduced headcount from 30 to 12 in pick and pack team

Common drivers for success:

  • Leveraged Artificial and Business Intelligence to deploy automated systems to detect abnormal performance
  • Deployed an automated management alarm and escalation system; used emails and text messages to accelerate response to performance-impacting events
  • Created real-time management dashboards and alerts, tailored for each role
  • Connected and integrated data across multiple platforms, e.g. PLCs, ERPs, QMS, LIMS, etc.


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