Generis Group Interview with Co-Founder, Jaime Velez

“By combining AI and BI, companies can get the best of both worlds – speed and scale. They benefit from the massive data-processing capabilities and speed of computers (AI), combined with actionable, business-impacting information driven by analysis, exception identification and escalation protocols (BI).”

Whitepaper: Implementing Pragmatic Decision-Making

This whitepaper addresses how BI, delivered by way of real-time aggregation of data, encourages business transformation by enabling executives and managers to be more pragmatic in their decision-making.

Whitepaper: 5 Rules of Engagement

This whitepaper describes our 5 rules of engagement for breakout performance that are designed to assess how someone is performing right now, while also providing the tools, skills, and encouragement required to continuously improve.

Whitepaper: Smart Outsourcing

Outsourcing in the pharmaceutical industry, until recently, has been largely confined to commercial manufacturing, packaging, and support for clinical trials. The industry is rapidly changing; companies are facing rising costs, a fast evolving global market, and weak pipelines. 

Quality By Design eBook

This Q&A eBook delves into: three batch validation; regulatory compliance in product development and quality systems; and how to lead an integrated QbD implementation strategy.

Case Studies